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Family Office Services

Family Office Services function as a private CFO offering a wide range of highly specialized and custom-tailored support. The goal is to help you manage complexity, save time, and ensure continuity of all your family’s financial affairs.

Benefits of the Family Office Approach
  • A dedicated Senior Wealth Advisor overseeing an integrated plan for your family's complete financial affairs, including investments, wealth transfer strategies, proactive tax planning, and administrative capabilities.
  • Investments managed in the context of the overall family balance sheet.
  • A comprehensive approach to risk management, so you know your family and wealth are protected.
  • A well thought-out investment policy and process that includes selection and oversight of outside money managers, effective diversification, and consolidated performance reporting.
  • A strategic approach to family philanthropy.
  • The confidence that, if something happens to your main family decision maker, there will be someone in place who knows your family and your wealth situation to help you manage the transition.
  • Coordination of your professional advisors to ensure all advisors work together in a coordinated manner toward an integrated wealth strategy.